Have you found your voice but are struggling to get it out when you most need it?

Are you feeling like life is happening to you and not for you?

Are you a nurturer or work in a caring field and you take on others burdens without releasing them fully?

Do you find yourself getting drained by the outside world, your job, or others?

Are you highly sensitive or an empath?

Do you know you have gifts to share but find you shrink back more than shine?

Do you know that your heart is calling you forward but you have some fear due to past experience or trauma holding you back?

I used to struggle with all of this. For years as an empath, I gave my power away, shrank back into oblivion, held my words inside and was constantly drained and felt like I couldn't just be true myself. This was painful and made life feel hopeless until I learned what I am teaching in this course that helped me master myself and my energy from the inside out.

Your sensitivity is a gift, but perhaps like me, you feel like you have tried everything and want to give up.

Maybe you’ve learned lots of modalities and read lots of books on personal growth but you aren’t getting the results you know deep within you are possible.

You are on the right path! Keep learning and growing but know that you must master your energy from the inside out and not just take in information and ideas from the outside world.

Imagine being able to access your inner power and radiance!

Imagine no longer shrinking or holding yourself back!

When you have learned what I teach inside Clear Confidence Energy Mastery you have the tools, skills, and INNER knowing and power to be all you came here to be.

You can use the content to stay on track when going after the callings of your heart and soul.

This is both a content-rich and experiential course designed to help you let go of what holds you back and empower yourself with knowledge and tools to stay centered in your truth every day!

Together we will :

-Overcome self-doubt and learn to fully trust yourself again

-Learn the different types of energetic blocks and how to clear them

-Experience Chakra & Aura energy awareness

-Discover how to clear your own energy

-Learn tools for receiving clear intuitive guidance

-Gain personal vision clarity so powerful you feel it in your bones!

If you are ready to embody all that you are and came here to be and you need some support to master your energy this course is for you! When you enroll now you get immediate access to the full course which includes :

6 instructional and experiential videos with homework journal prompts on:

-How to set intentions so powerfully that they call you forward to be fulfilled with ease and grace

-The different types of energy blocks and how to clear them

-Mastering your intuition and more than 10 tools for energy mastery

-How to have clear discernment when making decisions and taking actions

-Getting comfortable being seen and heard as your authentic self

-and more!!!

The course also includes a bonus guided chakra exploration and clearing to help you fully land in yourself, know how to clear your own energy, and live powerfully.


I spent over 10 years in the natural health industry, and am certified nutritionist, former personal trainer, energy scan practitioner, professional intuitive and energy healer, life coach and more. I now work with women and men to help them truly let go of the past, become energetically empowered in the present and courageously create their future.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, not really sure what’s going on in your life, or even if you do, if you have everything figured out, this course is going to be amazing!

We are going to dive deep into our hearts, clear out our energy bodies, and free our voices from within.

As an added bonus, when you purchase your program today I am gifting you a free session with me valued at $250.00. My gift is in helping others let go at the energetic level and fully step into their power and shine their light. This session can be booked at any time throughout the course up to 3 months after the date of purchase*.