Is trying to fit in harming your integrity and dimming your light?

It takes guts to live your truth from the inside out. After a lifetime of being quieted, made to believe that life is supposed to be a certain way and that the only way to get through life is to be liked by others you begin to distort your truth in favor of pleasing others. Over time this creates rifts in your energy where you aren’t being true to yourself. These patterns can keep you stuck for years until you step into your power and align with your personal integrity, where true change occurs.

Growing up, I felt like I wasn’t good enough in many ways including body image and social status. This affected my confidence and made me stop believing in myself. As I grew into a young woman I did everything I could to try to fit in. I dieted to control my body, didn’t speak up for myself or others, and assumed that eventually things would work out in my favour. That never happened. I gave my power away in situation after situation until I found myself completely out of control and at rock bottom.

In this place, having been manipulated out of my money, confidence, and supportive friendships, I knew I had to find my way back to my true self and that this would require personal integrity.

I didn’t realize the depth to which I had contorted my own energy to try to fit in and unwinding those old ways of being took time but it was so worth it! I found my voice, regained my power, learned to love myself and began to live my purpose.

If you’re struggling to get out of your shell, shine your light, and feel powerful here are a few things you can do to move forward:

Get clear on what integrity means to you based on who you are called to be in the world. You can write this out in your journal. Then, pay attention to where you are out of integrity and gently re-align yourself to your truth. Give yourself loads of forgiveness and gratitude along this journey!

When you live in integrity, your purpose easily moves through you.

A client of mine came to me with a backlog of projects he was working on but just couldn’t launch. He was in debt, craving love, and wondering why he couldn’t just move forward. After working together he let go of something from his past that he was holding onto with guilt and shame. Through some energy healing and forgiveness he re-aligned his energy and within weeks had launched multiple projects that had been sitting on the backburner for months and years. Shortly thereafter he met the love of his life to whom he is now married and has a beautiful child, and he lives his mission and purpose every day.

Check out this video to learn more about integrity and personal power and if you would feel you could use some additional support from me let’s connect!