I specialize in helping women master their energy and embody their true self fully, so that they can have more joy in their life.

I also help professionals let go of what holds them back so they can feel more clarity and confidence and get real results in achieving their next level dreams.


We all want to feel truly alive with energy, clarity and confidence.

Do you

•have low energy?

•feel stuck due to past experiences?

•cycle through periods of low-self esteem?

•experience doubt on a regular basis?

•not trust yourself enough to take life enhancing action?

If you want to break through your barriers to have clarity, vitality and profound inner confidence you’ve come to the right place!


My work is a blend of holistic nutrition, intuitive healing, and practical coaching.

Let me help you:

  • Go through life in a way that is powerful for you
  • Let go of what’s holding you back on the energetic & soul level
  • Master Your energy and vitality
  • Identify and reach your true life goals
  • Experience inner peace that lasts 

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How would your life change if you got to the roots of what keeps you stuck?

There’s no need to continue with feeling fatigued, undeserving, not good enough, or hold on to reasons why you can’t move forward. Suppose you just let all of that go with assistance so that you can stand in your authentic power once again.

Just imagine the freedom…

With my highly developed intuitive skills and holistic health training I am able to ensure that you stay true to yourself and your path with clarity and confidence.

I wonder how much you are aware of the value of finally getting to the roots of your blocks, removing those roots, and re-aligning yourself with the highest vision for your life?

People who have already decided to embark on this path have experienced deep core healing and realizations of life purpose with the confident drive to make it a reality.

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“I had a healing session with Vicki Holleman, and am grateful for her skill as a healer. I feel so much lighter after having been guided expertly by Vicki to let go of and clear some areas of my life that previously felt overly thick and heavy. It’s a week later now and my world continues to open up in ways that are new and very much in line with my goals. Thanks Vicki.” -Norman Mann, Certified Hypnotherapist, Vancouver, Canada


“What can I say about Vicki Holleman? She’s an absolutely amazing human being and I loved every minute of working with her. Vicki has a way of approaching things from a zero ego perspective and providing you with the exact information you need. She’s guided me through many points in my life and I’m so grateful to have had her support in those moments. I would recommend anyone to working with Vicki and I quite often do point people in her direction. Plain and simple, Vicki has a gift and working with her will change your life.” -Calan Breckon Life Coach, Radio Show Host and Writer


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