Heart centred empowerment for those on a journey of healing.

Wherever you are on your journey, I help you find your centre, live form your heart and emerge liberated.


Hi, Beautiful soul.

I'm Vicki

Vicki Holleman is a powerhouse spiritual healer and coach. Vicki knows that whatever you have been through, you can heal and learn the lessons of your past. Vicki serves those who have had their spiritual awakening through one on one and small group programs to help them let go of what keeps them stuck and distrusting so they can access true inner freedom and authentic personal power.

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Let yourself rest in a new freedom.

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The 1st Key

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Learn the first step to freedom and empowerment and how it can change your life if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or lost in life.

Learn an effective technique for actually achieving your intentions, living powerfully into your dreams and enhance your intuition and spiritual connection.

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